1. Go to vload.com

Before you try to buy your first eVoucher, select the “LOG IN” button in the top right corner.


2. Select the "LOG IN" button

Enter in your email address and password and select “LOG IN".


3. Click on the “BUY” tab

Choose your eVouchers.

Select the eVoucher you need and press “ADD TO CART” or select “BUNDLE VOUCHER” to create a custom value eVoucher. 

Make sure you select the right currency as some online stores will charge for conversion.





4. Bundle Vouchers

If you require an eVoucher for a custom amount select the “BUNDLE VOUCHER” from the available options and enter the amount which you need.

Your Bundle Voucher will be made up of individual VLoad eVouchers and have a longer unique PIN. 

If you choose to spend one of the vouchers which make up the bundle you may no longer redeem it as a whole.



5. Regular eVouchers

Choose how many eVouchers you would like to add to your cart and select the “CONFIRM” button. 

The amount you are allowed to purchase depends on your Tier. Find out more about your limits here.


6. Go to pay or continue shopping


7. Review your order

Review your order and press on the “GO TO PAY” button.


8. Choose a payment method

VLoad offers many alternative payment methods – select the one that’s right for you and follow the instructions to complete payment. 

Payments methods vary depending on the distributor.



9. Your eVoucher is ready

To use your eVoucher, simply go to your account, click on “MY VOUCHERS”, select the voucher you wish to use and click on the “COPY PIN” button. 

Paste at your Merchant’s checkout to pay instantly.