1. Log into your account

To receive your funds, first log in by entering your email address and password and selecting “LOG IN”.


2. Go to “My account”

Click on the “Unlock Cashout” tab and fill out documents under each section.




3. Sign the tax self-certification form (FATCA)

First click on the Tax self-certification form and choose how you want to fill it out.



4. Fill out your bank account details

Please fill out all the required fields to the best of your knowledge and click "SAVE".



5. Upload a recent bank statement

Please make sure your bank statement meets the requirements outlined in the pop-up window.



6. Go to “Payout vouchers”

Click on the “PAYOUT VOUCHERS” tab to view vouchers you can cashout.



7. Choose eVouchers to Cashout

Click on the “SINGLE CASHOUT” button next to the Voucher you would like to cash out.




8. Multiple cashout

You may select multiple eVouchers to go over the $100 cashout minimum, and click “MULTIPLE CASHOUT” at the top of the page to wire your funds out with only one fee.



9. Confirm cashout

Look over the cashout details, click on the bank account you want to use, agree to our terms and conditions and select the “CASHOUT” button. 

In the example below you can see that two vouchers were combined in a single cashout.




10. Your cashout is on its way!

The internactional wire transfers usually reach beneficiary accounts in 2 to 5 business days, depending on the wire type and bank connection. 

Please note that if this is your first cashout, bank account verification might take an additional 2 business days.




10. Cashout History

To view your Cashout history, select "Cashouts" from the menu.